Workplace wellness research papers

These could include a retirement or pension plan, healthcare, paid time off, or maternity leave. These are designed to help your organization recruit and maintain qualified employees. We do them because we believe they are important.

Workplace wellness research papers

The growing need in health management and health promotion programs is explained by the growing demand from employees, due to globalization of national economies and growing competition. We can write a custom research paper on Workplace Wellness for you! The paper discusses the importance of health and wellness promotion practices on workplaces, as currently employees are more subjected to stress related disorders and professional traumatism due to a growing load and growing performance demand.

The paper analyzes results of survey conducted by American Association of Occupational Health Nurses about the need of wellness promotion and correlates it with findings of human management specialists and recent data of positive changes in the companies which widely use health promotion programs.

Workplace health programs are among the key tasks for senior managers as they are considered to be of the most important components in organization of healthy and effective work environment.

Specialists today indicate that effectively planed workplace plans consist of various activities which can be classified according to the main the following elements: Current researches in human resource management and health management have indicated that practices to improve workplace health and wellness have a good impact on both performance of companies and attitude of employees towards their responsibilities.

Moreover, specialists indicate about an obvious correlation between workplace wellness programs and growth of economical performance of companies, which witness necessity of health management.

Health and Wellness in the Workplace - Research Paper

Current economic tendencies show that need in healthy and high motivated workers is growing in every industry due to growing competition and globalization. There is a clear explanation of such tendencies: Such business practices will result in a growing number stress issues and stress related disorders, which will influence overall efficiency and will have far going affects on both company and employees.

They have also marked that such tendencies as high injury or illness rate and high absenteeism demonstrate real problems in human resource management sector and they show the importance of hiring an OHN occupation healthcare nurse.

Another important finding of the survey was the fact that most of employers have unclear idea about workplace health impacts: Companies who said they did have information available to assess the true costs of employee health issues tended to be the most active in offering value-focused employee health activities such as employee health and wellness programs.

Among the most important benefits of OHN were: Recent statistical data of health promotion and wellness programs, provided by different authors shows clear correlation with results of survey conducted by AAOHN, as workplace employee wellness practices are becoming widely spread, especially in big companies.

The most common health promotion initiatives were: For example, survey of health program promoted by Procter and Gamble gives the following data: Recent surveys and practices show that health promotion programs are very effective in creating a healthier working environment, increasing efficiency and stress disorders rehabilitation.

Workplace wellness research papers

Surveys indicate that expenses spent on health promotion, on creating more favorable labor conditions and professional medical aid of occupation healthcare nurse appear to be much smaller than expenses for labor case disability compensations, absenteeism and other negative effects of working environment.

Besides illness and accident preventing, health and wellness promotion programs allow to reduce negative influence of stress related disorders, which considerably increases work performance and motivation of works. Recent health promotion practices which are followed by a growing number of companies also include differentiation of smoking and non smoking workers, introduction of free sport facilities such as gyms, sport grounds, etc.

In addition, some authors mention that encouragement of alcohol and smoking cessation programs has positive influence not only on motivation of workers but also on their personal health and personal life, as a number of work related accidents considerable reduces among those employees who quit smoking or drinking.

Mountains of Workplace Wellness Statistics Show the Benefits of Wellness

So, recent practices show that health management and health promotional programs can be regarded as an integral part of employee management programs which require new professionals who will specialize in workplace healthcare management, plan rehabilitation programs, realize different types of existing healthcare promotion programs and will develop new approaches of healthy life promotion and healthy workplace organization.There are hundreds and hundreds of rigorous scientific evaluations of the impact of wellness programs.

We are blessed to have mountains of workplace wellness statistics. There is more research on the impact of wellness programs than anything else your company does. Granted, the research is not perfect—no research ever is.

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If you want to buy a high quality research paper on any topic at affordable price please use custom research paper writing. NBER WORKING PAPER SERIES WHAT DO WORKPLACE WELLNESS PROGRAMS DO? EVIDENCE FROM THE ILLINOIS WORKPLACE WELLNESS STUDY or the National Bureau of Economic Research.

NBER working papers are circulated for discussion and comment purposes. They have not been Workplace wellness programs cover over 50 million workers and are intended to . Mountains of workplace wellness statistics show the benefits of wellness.

Here is everything you need to justify having a workplace wellness program.

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There are hundreds of research papers that evaluated the ability of wellness programs to reduce elevated health risks. How Brokers Are Offering Wellness Programs in the Workplace. Last. Continuing previous research on trends in workplace wellness programs, Transamerica Center for Health Studies (TCHS) together with the Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces (ICHW) at UC Berkeley collaborated on FINDING FIT: Implementing Workplace Wellness Programs Successfully, to give employers the tools to shape wellness programs for their employees.

Jul 31,  · Workplace Wellness Research Paper Today it’s generally agreed that workplace wellness is perceived as an integral concept of organization management, which allows to improve company’s performance, cut healthcare costs and reduce traumatism.

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