Tracing the scientific method essay

To answer the question you make predictions, followed by testing your predictions and interpreting your results. One question I would like to test is if using tanning beds in your teens, two to three times a week will cause skin cancer.

Tracing the scientific method essay

Tracing the scientific method essay

Researchers recently investigated whether or not coffee prevented the development of high blood sugar hyperglycemia in laboratory mice. The mice used in this experiment have a mutation that makes them become diabetic.


A group of 11 mice was given water, and another group of 10 mice was supplied with diluted black coffee coffee: The composition of the diets and living conditions were similar for both groups of mice. Blood glucose was monitored weekly for all mice. After five weeks, there was no change in average body weight between groups.

Results indicated that blood glucose concentrations increased significantly in the mice that drank water compared with those that were supplied with coffee.

Finally, blood glucose concentration in the coffee group exhibited a 30 percent decrease compared with that in the water group.

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In the original paper, the investigators acknowledged that the coffee for the experiment was supplied as a gift from a corporation. Then answer the following questions in your own words: Identify and describe the steps of the scientific method. Which observations do you think the scientists made leading up to this research study?

Given your understanding of the experimental design, formulate a specific hypothesis that is being tested in this experiment. Describe the experimental design including control and treatment group sand dependent and independent variables. Summarize the results and the conclusion. Criticize the research described.

Were the test subjects and treatments relevant and appropriate? Was the sample size large enough? Were the methods used appropriate? Can you think of a potential bias in a research study like this? What are the limitations of the conclusions made in this research study?

Address at least two of these questions in your critique of the research study. Discuss the relevance of this type of research, both for the world in general and for you personally.

Write answers in your own words with proper grammar and spelling.Trace the Scientific Method in a Primary Science Article The scientific method is the foundation for everything that science has discovered and accomplished. The scientific method represents a meticulous and useful tool for .

Scientific Method. Scientific method is a process that outlines a number of principles for answering questions. Many people in day-to-day situations use scientific method. scientific uncertainty in environmental management Abstract addresses the rationale and content of the "precautionary principle", tracing its development from an uncontroversial espousal of commonsense to its emergence as a potentially forceful decision-making norm.

It. Because scientific tests are impossible without the evidence-claim relation present in every argument, arguments are an inseparable part of the scientific method. The scientific method Although empirical questions engender scientific tests, strictly speaking, scientific tests are not tests of empirical questions.

The scientific method is something all of us use all of the time. In fact, engaging in the basic activities that make up the scientific method -- being curious, asking questions, seeking answers -- is a natural part of being human.

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