This is nothing

No more special treatment for teen charged in deadly crash They came to their so-called peaceful, anti-hate rally outside of City Hall Saturday in search of a fight. Many in the hot-headed mob of disenfranchised, hostile, entitled, wanna-be Antifa anarchists covered their faces with black, pink and red masks to escape detection should things get ugly. These alt-leftist bullies were organized for action and knew what they were doing. Stan Behal, Toronto Sun So these disappointed anarchists had to be angry at something.

This is nothing

Nothing | Definition of Nothing by Merriam-Webster

Reply Anthony on December 27, at 7: Especially when it comes to a large motor. Do you think this could be applied to a large hub motor about 2x in size for a DIY segway type machine?

Hubmotors are interesting when it comes to the space they use, but people have concerns about their weight… this might solve that problem.

Mike on January 3, at 3: Options are millimeters, inches, meters. What is the correct unit of measure for the files? Petre on January 4, at 5: Hey, how mutch will it cost me?

Reply Paul on January 4, at 5: Is that the price it should be? Do you sell the units your self? If so how much? Reply Mezalon on January 9, at 2: Reply Mike on January 9, at 1: I will put the money toward my own 3d printer.

I have other things I want to do with it anyway. Mike on This is nothing 9, at 9: It would be more efficient to just connect the batteries to what ever you wanted the generator to run in the first place. Reply Mezalon on January 9, at Now set this motor to run on radiant energy or VLF signals with same 2 rotor set up and you create unlimited energy.

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Mezalon on January 9, at What if I introduce a load on the bottom rotor? Do we expect the current draw to remain at 1 uA? Where does the extra energy needed to compensate for the energy used to overcome the load?

It comes from the batteries of course. You cannot do work without energy.

This is nothing

What if I add a second rotor that spins twice as fast as the first? We have added a frictional and mechanical disadvantage to the primary rotor. The primary rotor will have a load introduced to it that will require it to draw more than the 1 uA that it uses to free spin.

Spinning the second rotor at twice the speed of the first requires mechanical forces more than twice than spinning say at a 1 to 1 ratio. Even spinning a second rotor at 1 to 1 adds a load. Any load to the motor requires the primary rotor to work harder and consume more current.

This is nothing

What if I want to spin the second rotor twice the speed of the first and also want it to do work in the form of generating electricity?

When we expect the second rotor to generate electricity we make it harder to turn. When you pass magnets pass coils that are connected to a load the rotor will become harder to turn.

This added work on the second rotor will also be added to the primary rotor which in turn have to work harder and consume more power from the batteries you are proposing to charge in the first place. What if I connect this arrangement back to the batteries? Can I expect the energy created by the generator to overcome the mechanical, electrical, and frictional losses introduced to overcome and create more energy than I am consuming?

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If you were browsing through this week’s Target ad you may have passed right over the adorable little boy in the bright orange shirt smiling at you on page 9! And if so, I’m glad! The reason I’m glad? Well, that stylish young man in the orange shirt is Ryan just so happened to have been born with Down syndrome, and I’m glad that Target included a model with down syndrome.

Jury Sentences (black) ‘Greensburg 6’ Member To Death for Brutal Murder of Disabled White Woman GREENSBURG (KDKA) — A jury in Westmoreland County has sentenced Melvin Knight to death for the torture and murder of Jennifer Daugherty eight years ago.

Jun 01,  · FORBES once ranked Elizabeth Holmes as the youngest woman self-made billionaire.

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but problems at her company, Theranos, have led us to discount the value of her stake. Skip to main content area. News. Show 'From the Devs' Show Game Posts; Show Patch Notes; Show General; About the Game. FIDE announces World Rapid and Blitz Championships Dear chess friends, FIDE is happy to confirm the World Rapid and Blitz Championships to take place between December 25 (arrival day) and December 31 (departure day), with the prize giving ceremony on December 30 early evening.

Nothing | Definition of Nothing by Merriam-Webster