The issue of holding grudges against an individual

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The issue of holding grudges against an individual

Spirituality is knowing that we are children of God, and therefore loved unconditionally. It is knowing, deep within, that we are much more than our physical bodies - that we are spiritual beings dressed in human form, learning our way back to Source.

Spirituality is knowing that this holds true for each and every human being - not just the fortunate few. Being a spiritual person does not mean having to forsake family, friends, sex, wealth, luxury, food or drink, or even work or play. We need not deprive ourselves of the joys of life, and we certainly need not inflict pain on ourselves to prove our devotion to God.

After all, the Universal Intelligence hears our every thought, so there's really nothing to prove 3. These are not so much gifts as they are skills or abilities learned in previous lifetimes that the Universal Intelligence may activate in the current existence, after we have worked through our unresolved issues and inner conflicts.

Any spiritual ability that we have while in human form is there because the Universal Intelligence has enabled it. Here are some of the spiritual gifts, along with some newer information: The ability to heal others is a myth.

Healing is given at the discretion of the Universal Intelligence - sometimes working through another human, sometimes not. See miraculous healing Medical intuition is the ability to hear our guide tell us what is happening physically with another individual.

Of course, the clearer one's thoughts and the fewer one's inaccurate belief systems, the more readily one may hear Universal Truth The ability to see auras is the ability to see the energy emanating from another individual.

Of course, the only way to really know what the various colours mean is to ask your guide in meditation. Remember to ask for whom the message has been given Psychic abilities are becoming more well-known and widely accepted as being a possibility.

Foreseeing future events, finding missing people both victims and criminalschannelling, communicating with the dead, seeing entities who are not in physical form, interpreting dreams; these are all thought to be the result of psychic intuition.

The Universal Intelligence says that they are the result of the guides giving information to the psychic individuals, and producing, sometimes spectacular, special effects to go along with the information. The psychic is simply an individual who is willing to tune in and listen to what the Universe has to say, and then share the information.

This is one of the reasons that the information in the Bible may not completely contain or reflect Universal Truth and wisdom and may have been influenced by the prevailing social norms of those olden days.

Given that all souls come from the same place, our creator, we all have an inherent sixth sense and it is possible to develop it.

Doing so requires practice and dedication to become a clear channel, else we run the risk of providing less than accurate information. Start by learning to meditate in the way that the Universe teaches, then work on resolving inner child issues by completing the Spiritual Questionnaire.

Doing this work sets us firmly on the path of profound soul development and enables us to truly serve Astral projection - seeming to leave one's physical body.

The issue of holding grudges against an individual

This can occur when one is in a meditative state and therefore more open to allowing one's imagination to roam freely.

It can also happen during a near-death experience to show the individual that life truly goes on after death of the physical body a driving force in the human struggle to recall our divine nature.


In either case, the importance of asking our guide questions about the experience cannot be overstated Bi-location - seeming to be in two different places at the same moment. It has been taught that when this gift is bestowed upon an individual, the chosen one will speak words that sound like no language on earth.

Further, that a human interpreter is required to explain what God has said. In truth, when this gift is enabled, the words of the speaker will be automatically interpreted by the guide of each listener and transmitted telepathically to each listener in his or her preferred language 3.

This is a label for a level of spiritual self-awareness in which one feels peace, joy, bliss and unconditional love, as well as freedom from the physical concerns of time and space.

We are not yet competent to maintain it and still go about the daily activities of life. While this information is at odds with much of what is out there, it is simple and straightforward. There is no such thing as sin. There is no judgment, no criticism, no condemnation - all are free and able to experience whatever their soul needs in order to find its way back to Source.

It is important to note that each and every individual soul was created, whole and complete, at the instant of the big bang. All souls entering physical form have been granted free will. There is one soul for one physical body per lifetime, beginning at birth and ending at death of the physical body.

The guides do not enter into physical form, ever. The guides abide by the guidance of the Universal Intelligence and by the spiritual laws.

Free will is the most important of the spiritual laws affecting humankind. Many people are familiar with the idea that humans have free will to make their own choices - in fact, Planet Earth is often called the free will planet.The Issue of Holding Grudges Against an Individual.

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Sign up to view the rest of the essay. Holding a Grudge Relationships can suffer when someone has trouble forgiving someone who has wronged him/her in the past. And people with anger issues often have trouble doing just caninariojana.comd: Sep 18, You’re holding the grudge, but the grudge is also holding you.

Grudges zap your energy and divert your attention to things that are irrelevant, counterproductive, and, worst of all, negative. But the cost of holding onto a grudge isn’t just mental or emotional.

Why do men hold grudges so long? By beautyqueen @ maybe your husband does and for this instance. I certainly don't hold grudges against my wife over a disagreement, nor do I hold against anyone over anything. it's probably me that doesn't let something go as quickly as I should.

I think it's really just about the individual. Maybe he. This point picks up where I left off in the first reality check. You and he are on the same team and you’re fighting for the same cause, the cause being to have a healthy, happy, .

Jul 23,  · How to Stop Holding Grudges In this Article: Coming to Terms with the Situation Reaching a State of Forgiveness Moving on and Letting Go Community Q&A Once you let go of a grudge, you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders%(49).

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