The concept of intra union conflict

The friction is created between the parties by disagreement on certain important issues. In general terms, the conflict is considered to be harmful, but it can also become beneficial when it is employed delicately for the improvement in creativity. Conflict is not similar to the rivalry or competition among two or more people or groups that try to obtain certain outcomes.

The concept of intra union conflict

Can conflicts be positive? It can also be argued that conflicts are not necessarily bad. Conflict releases energy at every level of human activity- energy that can produce positive, constructive results.

Conflicts tend to have a motivational value; they drive or energize an individual to tackle a situation. For example, think of any of the personal or organizational problems that you may have faced in near future.

It was probably difficult for you to resolve them at that time. But if the same problems were to recur, surely you would have more confidence to tackle them at present than you had earlier when they first occurred.

It may even be amusing to think that such problems bothered you then, even though they appear so simple now. In certain instances they have also emerged as the captains of the industry.

Given below is the list of consequences of conflict.

The concept of intra union conflict

Beneficial Consequences - Motivate individuals to do better and to work harder. For example employee benefits of the preset day are an outcome of the union —management conflicts over the past decades. For example, a union leader The concept of intra union conflict call for a strike to assert his superiority or to stabilize his leadership.

Here we are trying to give a solution to a conflict turning it in a constructive side. If one party exercises the principles of interaction, listens, and us the six steps of collaborative resolution, that party may be able to end the conflict constructively.

At the very least, he or she may be able to prevent the conflict from turning into a fight by choosing an alternative to destructive interaction?

Resolving a conflict ends the dispute by satisfying the interests of both parties. Managing a conflict contains specialized interaction that prevents a dispute from becoming a destructive battle. Managing a conflict attends to the personal issues so as to allow for a constructive relationship, even though the objective issues may not be resolvable.

The Concept of Intra-Union Conflict Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples

For example, the former Soviet Union and the United States managed their conflict during the Cold War by using a variety of mechanisms. The objective issues in the dispute were not resolved, and neither were the personal issues, which contained significant perceptual differences. However, both sides attended significantly to the relationship to keep the disagreement from turning into a destructive battle.

Our goal in conflict always should be to seek a resolution based on mutual gain. Realistically, however, resolution is not always possible.

Beneficial Consequences

When this is the case, we must manage the conflict to ensure that the relationship is constructive and that open communication is maintained. We Listen to Conflict to understand the other party and demonstrate the acceptance required to maintain the relationship 1.

The Framework for conflict resolution When conflicts arise, we assess a variety of factors before selecting our approach to the situation. We may choose to compete, or dominate, where we try to impose our will on the other side through physical or psychological means, or we may choose to accommodate, or surrender, and cede victory to the other side.

Likewise, we may decide to withdraw by either doing nothing or refusing to participate in the conflict altogether, or we may collaborate and reach a constructive and mutually acceptable solution. And if none of those approaches proves effective, we might choose third-party intervention, a form of collaboration in which an individual or group external to the conflict intercedes to move both parties toward agreement.

While each of the above orientations represents a way to manage conflict, only two collaboration and third-party intervention-are, by definition, focused on mutual gain and resolution. These two approaches consider the interests of both parties and are most likely to use empathic listening as the primary tool to enhance understanding.

The other methods deal unilaterally with the conflict and fail to manage the interdependence of the dispute.Transitions in the Concept of Conflict: The traditional view of the conflict states that it is a process of disagreement between two parties over some important issues that creates friction between them.

The concept of intra-union conflict is not much different from that of intra-group or intra-organizational conflict. However, before we delve into that argument, it is essential that we consider an authoritative view of the subject matter from the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Definition of Conflict and Conflict Management

The Concept of Intra-Union Conflict Essay Introduction The concept of intra -union conflict is not much different from that of intra -group or intra -organizational conflict.

However, before we delve into that argument, it is essential that we consider an authoritative view of the subject matter from the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Conflict is a general concept meaning, in essence, a balancing of power, 44 which may involve not only hostile or antagonistic balancing but also that of intellectual conflict (as in friendly disagreement over facts), bargaining conflict (as in haggling over a sale price), or a lover's conflict (as when each tries to give the other the choice.

The Intra-organisational conflicts comprise of all intra-individual, inter individual, intra-group and intergroup conflicts because they are the parts of the same organisation. Such conflicts may turn into hierarchical conflicts, line and staff conflicts, management versus shop floor conflicts, union versus union conflicts etc.

THE AFRICAN UNION AND CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Conflicts are intra state, transnational, international or a mixture, states are often weak or failing, external players traditionally try to infl uence areas of interest, and regional organizations as well as state.

The Concept of Intra-Union Conflict Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples