Itunes connect

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Itunes connect

Saw this solution on another post about an iPad in a school enviroment. Might work on your iPad so you won't lose everything. This was a student iPad and since they use Notability for most of their work there was a chance that her files were not all backed up to the cloud.

I really wanted to just re-activate the iPad instead of totally resetting it back to our default image. I reached out to my PLN on Twitter and had some help from a few people through retweets and a couple of clarification tweets. I love that so many are willing to help out so quickly.

Through this I also learned that I look like Lt. Riker from Star Trek thanks FillineMachine. Through some trial and error and a little sheer luckI was able to reactivate the iPad without loosing any data.

Note, this will only work on the computer it last synced with. Configurator is useless in reactivating a locked iPad. You will only be able to completely reformat the iPad using Configurator. Open iTunes with the iPad disconnected.

Connect the iPad to the computer and wait for it to show up in the devices section in iTunes. Click on the iPad name when it appears and you will be given the option to restore a backup or setup as a new iPad since it is locked.

The iPad will start backing up before it does the full restore and sync. You do this by clicking the small x in the status window in iTunes. When the backup cancels, it immediately starts syncing — cancel this as well using the same small x in the iTunes status window.

The first stage in the restore process unlocks the iPad, you are basically just cancelling out the restore process as soon as it reactivates the iPad. If done correctly, you will experience no data loss and the result will be a reactivated iPad.

I have now tried this with about 5 iPads that were locked identically by students and each time it worked like a charm.

You have nothing more to lose if it doesn't work for you.Cannot Connect to iTunes Store: Tips to Fix the Issue #1. Disable/Enable iTunes Parental Controls. This method has worked like a charm for many iOS users. iTunes Connect.

Itunes connect

Nov 23,  · Question: Q: iPhone stuck on "connect to iTunes" screen? My iPhone 3G is stuck on the connect to iTunes screen and I can't do anything with my phone at all. I've tried holding home + lock key for 10 seconds and it starts back up - but stays at the connect to iTunes screen. Jun 10,  · Download iTunes Connect and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

‎iTunes Connect allows you to access the music, movies, TV shows, and books you have made available for download from the iTunes Store and iBooks Store/5(). iTunes Connect Resources and Help for apps, books, movies, music, podcasts, and TV.

Find your answers quickly by searching helpful guides, FAQ, videos, and news. Jan 19,  · Unofficial iTunes Connect manager app. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to /5().

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