Encounter with a spaceship essay

This can also go way back to the slavery days when white people were owners of a black man or women.

Encounter with a spaceship essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? In his short essay, Brent Staple relates a few of his nighttime experiences in the street, which revealed the way in which he was perceived by the others.

Encounter with a spaceship essay

As a member of the black community, Staples discovers that he is shunned by the strangers that he meets in the street and that women especially think of him as of a perilous individual.

Thus, Black Men in Public Places is best suited for biographical criticism. The essay recounts a few of the experiences of the author during his encounters with strangers in the street.

These experiences are related in such a way as to highlight the social issues at hand: The author has several encounters with white people during his night wanderings that reveal a disconcerting attitude on their part.

The young black man is shunned by the white collectivity as a dangerous man. The setting of these Encounter with a spaceship essay is very important: Despite the fact that they are free, black men are regarded with prejudice and lack of confidence by absolute strangers, without any explicit motive.

Thus, the author feels that his simple presence in the street, without any triggering gesture or attitude on his part, is likely to cause disturbance. He also realizes that the fact that he is considered dangerous by the others without other evidence than the fact that he is black can make his walks dangerous.

To highlight his ideas, Brent Staples uses a few particular devices. Thus, first of all, the piece is more of an essay than an actual story. Nevertheless, the author shapes it by giving it a particular ending.

While he relates a few of his experiences as well as that of one of his black friends who is also a journalist as himself in the beginning, he ends by remarking that he himself soon adopted the same attitude as the white individuals had towards him.

Thus, in order to avoid the unpleasantness of feeling the fear he inspires to the strangers he meets in the street, he begins to avoid anyone he sees himself and to keep his distance as much as possible.

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He also relates that he decides to quicken his pace and overtake other people in the street so that they should not feel as if they were followed by him. These techniques that the author uses for avoidance are revelatory for the racial problem described here.

Their mere presence is therefore avoided by strangers because of racial prejudice. The author creates an interesting effect at the beginning of the story as he uses semiotics and tropes in order to make his point. Furthermore, Staples makes use of an interesting metaphor to describe the confusing and painful effect that this first experience had on his own perception.

Using an auditory image, he highlights the fact that the reality of prejudice was discovered to him in the sound of the hurrying footsteps of the white woman who was trying to escape him without any apparent reason: In order to transmit his message on racial prejudice, Staples also uses a metaphor describing the actual distance that lies between black and white people: These observations, determine the author to take precautions himself and avoid encounters in the street as much as possible: I move about with care, particularly late in the evening.

I give a wide berth to nervous people on subway platforms during the wee hours, particularly when I have exchanged business clothes for jeans. Thus, upon his encounter with white people, the author begins warbling cheerful songs meant to ease the atmosphere and increase the confidence of the others: The ending is particularly effective precisely because it depicts the unnecessary efforts the author takes in order to make his presence in the street less conspicuously menacing for the white people.

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Essay about Alien Encounters, Ufos, and Hypnosis. Aliens are some of the world’s most controversial creatures. It is also fair to say that they are one of the oldest controversies in the world. Aliens, typically from outer space, are almost by definition not human.

Current portrayals of aliens may show more about who we, the humans. Staples explains how stereotypes alter public space throughout the essay through narratives of incidents in his life. He explains one encounter with a young white woman, “on a deserted street, in an impoverished section of Chicago” (Staples, ).

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Encounter with a spaceship essay

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